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Tourney Brackets


It's Tourney Time Again!!
Faster. More strategic. Closer matches. Rawr.

The Rules
We'll be having be a single-elimination tournament, head-to-head, starting with just 8 racers.

Each match will be a BEST OF THREE PLAYLISTS using a Ten Song Seeded Speedrun playlist.
Go as fast as you can, get to the boss or miniboss, knock them down, and jump to the next song.
The first to two playlist wins is the victor of the match.

After a winner wins their first playlist, that winning racer's winning heroes will be LOCKED OUT for that player for the rest of the match.
They can build any other party, using the other five heroes, and re-use any gear they like.
This will force the clever construction of not just one ideal party, but two strong (balanced?) battle teams

Gear obtained by DLC IS ALLOWED.
Hero levels MUST BE FIFTY.

Racers will compete two-at-a-time, live on Twitch.
The racers begin, at the same time, at the shout of "Go!", and race to the end.
Commentators will provide commentary as well as general trolling.

Winners move on to the next bracket, and losers get to cheer from the sidelines.
Only the best dancers can win.
Or, you know... whoever does the best.

The Prizes
I have no idea yet!

Matchup scheduling will be flexible.
I'd think, mostly, race match-ups will be each evening, most (but not all) evenings, until we're done and have a winner.
We can happilly work around people's schedules - if you aren't free at some time... just let us know.
We'll be flexible.

Email Danny for More Info!!

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